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Earthquake & Tsunami Resources

As with many events in our world, our students watch the news and sometimes struggle to understand how such an event could occur.  The recent Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan has students curious about these natural disasters, and what causes them.  The resources below are a collection of resources to view and use with those students who are eager to find out more: 

Japanese Tsunami Videos

General Earthquakes Resources

Japanese Earthquake and Tsunami Information

Games and Interactives

Kids View – Aust. Parliament in Focus

Kidsview—Parliament in Focus is a sub-website of the Parliamentary Education Office website Kidsview challenges kids to explore parliamentary principles in a stimulating and educational environment. Content is arranged across five main themes: Representation, Law-making, Democracy, Parliament House and Parliamentary Artefacts.

The Kidsview team believes that learning about parliament should be fun. Never boring! So, the site speaks to kids through a range of exciting learning objects and games which are interactive and educational; demanding but fun; multi-layered yet focused.

Overall, this site is well set out, and easy for students to navigate.  There are easy to understand animations and games that make learning about the Australian Parliamentary System fun and engaging.  Although the graphics are, by todays standards, quite basic – the simplicity of the graphics does not distract from the educational value of the site.  Teacher support material is also available to assist teachers in supporting their students online learning.  Suitable for students in the middle years, the site is a must see for teachers covering Australian Government in their classrooms.