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Interactive Life Cycle of plants

This ‘Life Cycle of Plants‘ website is a great interactive resource for teaching students about the life cycle of plants.  The students can explore how the seed would react to different growth situations such as light but no water, water and light, or water but no light.

Not only does the site contain the interactive resources, but it also has a link to a 2 page worksheet document.  Whilst the info may be geared towards middle to upper classes, the site (and 2nd worksheet) could still be modified for the lower year levels.

Another bonus of the site is that it also has a link to a larger whiteboard version.

Insect Wonderland – Some sites to get you started!

Probably one of the most popular topics covered in the junior school is Insects. Below is a list of insect sites I have found on the internet for those of you who may have this unit coming up (… especially as validation time looms nearer 🙂  )  This list is by no means indicative of what is available, but merely a way to help get you started.  Hope you find something useful!
An Australian site about insects.  The site includes lots of information and fact sheets, as well as a fun for kids section.
A collection of free powerpoint presentations all about insects.
Interactive insect workshops for all ages.  There is a great ‘extras for teachers’ section that has a fantastic list of resources to visit.
A site full of free printable flashcards, worksheets and games.  Meant for ESL students, but great for all!
Going Buggy!  Facts and fun about insects from Scholastic.
Sci4Kids is a collection of bug related ‘stories’.  Worth a look.
A great site with lots of information on a variety of insects and bugs.  A good resource to ‘pull’ information from.
This insect world website has an online game with resources below.  The game takes a little while to load, so be patient! 🙂
A great collection of resources!
This page has a fantastic collection of insect arts and crafts that you could do with your class and hang around the classroom.  Well worth a look!
The lessons on this site have three sections:  teacher preparation (set-up and materials), the actual lesson plans, and additions (extensions, vocabulary, and a bibliography). The lessons also contain direct links to pertinent activity, information, and rearing sheets.
Katerpillars and mystery bugs is a great site that has sections on bug food for you to make, teacher and parents resources, and a bug fun section.