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Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet launched in March 2010, and is definitely a site to watch.  With its clean, crisp design, Teacher’s Pet already has over a hundred KLA specific resources to use in your classroom.  The best thing about them is that …. you guessed it ….. they are FREE! 🙂 (although there seems to be plans to release curriculum packs you can purchase in the future)

As well as the usual free printable PDF’s. Teacher’s Pet will also house interactive resources for you computers and IWB’s as well as music. Whilst many sections still bear the ‘coming soon’ message, the quality of the resources that have been uploaded to date seems to be quite high.  Definitely one to keep an eye on 😉  Join Teacher’s Pet on Twitter or Facebook to stay up-to-date.  Don’t forget to check out Dexter’s Doghouse blog for the latest news as well.


Twinkl, Twinkl – What a fabulous resource you are!

I am pleased to announce that there is another Sparklebox alternative called Twinkl.

Twinkl picks up where Sparklebox left off, and has a huge range of resources that will delight the lower school teacher.  The resources are all very colourful, well set out and visualy appealing to their target audience.   From classroom labels to word study resources, there is a growing list of timesaving resources for your classroom. 


As the site is still in Beta version, there are some ‘holes’ in the site where resources are still under development.  But don’t despair ….. another great thing about the site is that you are able to suggest a resource and also sign up to the page to be notified when new resources are added.  How fantastic that the resources will come to you! 

Have a look today and see what FREE resources you can find to brighten up your room! 😉

Punched out font – Classroom Display

Looking for a fun, new way to create a display in your classroom?  Why not try this ‘Punched Out‘ font to create 3D titles for your display board?  They also look fantastic just standing up on a desk/bookcase/shelf, or up against a window. 

Note from the author
This font is a set of cut-out layouts with which you can build 3D pixel style letters. They should all work. Just cut along the solid lines, fold along the dotted lines, put some glue on the shaded flaps, stick them together and there you go…


Suggested uses (apart from the obvious display board!):

  • If you are doing some stop motion animation, you could create your own Hollywood sign to have on your ‘set’!
  • Hang your letters from a wire to create a floating 3D display
  • Make a letter of the week display in the lower school
  • ummm ….. I think I’ll need some help.  Please leave a comment telling me how you would use the punched out font!

Canon Creative Park – Art Activities

Sick of doing the same old boring arts and crafts?  Head to the Canon creative park for some great ideas and printables to help your students produce some fantastic pieces of work.  From origami to scrapbooking pages, there are many creative ideas that you could use in your classroom.

Take the time to check out the ‘paper crafts‘ section.  Whilst the results look fantastic, the instructions do look a little tricky!!  Don’t forget you can save on printing by displaying the instructions on the IWB, and just printing out the template for each student.  Another way to save on printing the instructions for each student would be to laminate the instructions and make them up into kits the students could borrow and work on in their spare time, or in a rotational activity group. 

Don’t forget easter and mother’s day are coming up….. 😉

3D Shapes

After many years of creating 3D shapes, you are probably just as eager as me to find a new ‘spin’ on creating a 3D shape from a net.  How about creating a 3D shape that actually has a purpose? For something different, why not have the students create a dodecahedron that is also a 12-month desk calendar?  Once printed, they can decorate and then assemble their dodecahedron to give as a gift…. I’ll bet mum or dad would like that one!  😉 


For some other calendars, look at the Teacher Resources Online for some other 3D nets.

Another great idea that I came across for working with 3D shapes was 3D Shape Comics.  Lots of ‘good stuff’ included in this activity – 3D shapes and their attributes, questioning,  desktop publishing … etc etc.  Looks like a fun way to represent information!  Most classes are now armed with a digital camera, so why not give it a go?

Want something more traditional?  Head to the SEN Teacher’s site for 11 3D nets to be printed and assembled.  (Whilst you’re there, have a look around – there are loads of other really helpful resources too!).

K-3 Teacher Resources

Planning on creating some flashcards, sight word games, signs to hang around the room or maybe some concept books to match you unit of work????  Well, you can stop planning (… and procrastinating if you’re like me!) and simply head to the K-3 Teacher Resource site for all your needs!  🙂 

The site includes resources that can be printed in QLD, NSW, Victorian (and more) fonts, and is guaranteed to save you time!  You can join the free newsletter, check out the free resources to download, or you can join the site and start downloading any resource (for a small price) for 12 months.  Why waste time creating resources that already exist?

SparkleBox – Classroom Printables

Then make your own decision about this site.  **


Though I am sure many of you have probably come across this great site previously, I thought I would mention it again – just in case you hadn’t!!  🙂 

SparkleBox is an excellent site that provides high-quality downloadable resources to enhance your teaching, classroom displays and school environment.  All of the resources can be downloaded completely FREE (…don’t all teachers just LOVE that word!)!

Initially there were only resources for the UK’s  ‘Foundation’ and ‘KS1’ stages, but the site has been further developed recently to include resources for ‘KS2’ as well. 

An example of the resources available (KS2) are:

Take the time to have a look around.  There are literally thousands of resources to save you time!