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Need help with Report Cards?

Around this time of semester, things start to get VERY busy.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was something that could save us some time on report cards?  Something that would solve the ‘he instead of she’ errors in the cut and pasted comments? (… you know what I’m talking about!!) 😉  ANYTHING that would save time????  Well, there is!

Introducing Ray Le Couteur and his FREE Report writing software for teachers.  I first discovered this little gem a few years ago, and have used it off and on since then.  It takes a little while to set up, but is worth it in the end for the hours it will save you!

Some Features Include:

  • ultra quick combining of statements.
  • ready made statements available on the web (by subject and level).
  • select and combine comments with a single click.
  • ability to edit reports individually for students.
  • full control over final report content.
  • ability to work with lists of students from Excel or Word.

Have a look today…. hopefully this tool will save you as much time as it has saved me! 🙂


Wall Wisher – Collaborative online tool

Whilst in ‘Twitter-land’ tonight, I entered in to a collaborative project with a difference.  The collaboration was online, and worked like a noticeboard that all the participants posted sticky notes to.  Very Cool!    The collaboration space was called Wall Wisher.

To give you an idea of how it works, I have set up a quick wall for ‘Ideas for the Ideas For Teachers Blog‘.  All you need to do is enter the space, double click and enter your idea.  It you don’t register, your ideas will come up as anonymous.  If you want it to come up with your name, you just need to complete the quick, free, registration process. Easy!

Have a practice on my wall, and then think of some walls that you can create for yourself.

Enquiring Minds – Inquiry Based Teaching Resource

Enquiring Minds explores how students’ ideas, interests and experiences can inform the content, processes and outcomes of teaching and learning in schools. At a time of curriculum reform in primary and secondary schools, Enquiring Minds provides guidance and research to help support schools through the process of change.

It shows how schools can develop enquiry-based approaches to the curriculum, teaching, and learning. This site features all of the materials, guidance, research evidence and resources produced during the project.

A place of note within the site would be the digital tools section.  Digital tools are an integral part of the Enquiring Minds approach. They provide some examples of the kinds of new technologies that they think may benefit learners and teachers.  The fantastic thing is that you can filter your search to what stage of inquiry you are up to. 

Some of the digital tools available are quite amazing in what they can generate and produce.  If you’re tired of the same old resources and want to incorporate some more ICT’s into your units – then this is the site for you!