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More Words – Spelling Program Resource


Many primary school teachers do some sort of spelling program each week. Instead of wasting time racking your brain (or trawling the internet) for words to include in your study, why not head to ?

Morewords is a fantastic, easy to use, resource that enables you to search thousands of words that begin with, end in or contain certain letter combinations. For example, if you were looking for words that contained ough you would simple type in *ough* into the search function and morewords will give you all the words in its database that contains ough. Simple!

How will you use Morewords in your classroom?  Please add your ideas to the comments section to share with us all…. it’s all about working smarter – not harder!


Spelling City makes teaching spelling fun! is a free spelling tool that makes teaching spelling exciting.  With online spelling games, spelling reviews, and spelling quizzes, your students will learn those weekly spelling words with unprecedented enthusiasm.

A great site that allows students to use their own spelling words to generate games etc to help them learn their spelling words.