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Functional Grammar Resources

Teaching functional grammar?  Not an easy thing to track down resources for!  Below is a collection of resources I’ve located to help you get started:

(You will need a Learning Place User Name and Password to access)

  • Excellent set of resources from Mt Isa District Literacy Coaches
  • Excellent set of downloadable resources from MacKay Whitsunday Community
  • Get a Grip on Grammar
  • Functional Grammar
    This PowerPoint, accompanying desk chart and worksheet were designed as student resources. The students work through the PowerPoint sequentially, reading each slide carefully and then following the instructions to complete the activities in their workbooks. The Slippery sentences worksheet provides further practice while a desk chart will assist students in choosing more interesting and complex conjunctions when writing.


Web Resources

  • Go to Quia Shared English Resources and search for grammar.  Some great activities come up for use on an interactive whiteboard (IWB).  Free to use – no need to register!
  • Using the Smartboard with functional grammar.  Although this video is a little old (2007), it still has some great examples of how the Smartboard software can be used.
  • This site has a collection of spelling and grammar links for you to use in the classroom.