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Smart Moves Resources

Recently I went to a professional development session on the  ‘Smart Moves’ initiative, and thought I would share some of the information and resources that were presented.

What is the Smart Moves program?

The Smart Moves – Physical Activity Programs in Queensland State Schools is a State Government initiative involving the Department of Education and Training, the Department of Communities – Sport and Recreation and Queensland Health. Smart Moves aims to increase student participation in physical activity and to improve the quality of that activity. Smart Moves is also a key strategy in the Toward Q2: Tomorrow’s Queensland 2020 healthy children target to reduce obesity by one third. It is widely recognised that physical activity is essential for good health and wellbeing, enhances students’ educational outcomes, supports their personal development and promotes lifelong active lifestyles.

Where can I get help to run the program?

At the professional development session I attended, aside from suggesting we visit Education QLD’s home page and search for ‘Smart Moves’ for the useful information there, we were also directed to the following excellent information:

FREE Daily Physical Activity Guide for Schools
The Daily Physical Activity Guide for Schools is a “how to” manual for primary and secondary teachers that focuses on getting school children active and instilling positive attitudes towards an active lifestyle.  The guide aims to help teachers incorporate physical activity into their daily teaching programs.

The program’s emphasis is on fun and enjoyment of physical activity and is about making active living and learning a way of life.  The ideas can be used by all primary and secondary school classroom teachers to engage children and young people in physical activity.

For those people living in QLD, you can order a FREE copy (including FREE postage) to be delivered to you.  I received mine in approximately 4 days, so the turnaround is extremely fast!  There is also a USB stick that you can order (also FREE!)  that is very useful too. 

For those unable to order a copy of the book (as I am not sure if they post outside of QLD!), there are links to PDF’s of the book on the site as well – so you don’t miss out either!

It really is a fantastic resource to have regardless, so make sure you order yours today! 🙂