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Hot Shot Business Game

After hearing my four year old discussing with his father the benefits of selecting a ‘chocofier’ over a ‘lollycobber’ to make the customers happier, I was intrigued as to what had captivated his interest …. and what those yummy sounding things were!  I quickly discovered that they had found a site that allowed them to open their own business, and run it by making decisions (similar to Sim City) that would either make or break their company.  Introducing Disney’s offering of  Hot Shot Business.


“Hot Shot Business” teaches skills kids can use the rest of their lives – and equally important, helps them realize that the dream of owning a business is possible.
                            Carl J. Schramm, Kauffman Foundation, President and CEO

Hot Shot business seems perfect for use within the classroom, with student, parent and teacher guides provided, as well as a choice to use the site with broadband or dial up connection.

Explanation of the site from the teacher manual:

“Hot Shot Business” takes a fresh approach to showing teens (ages 9-12) what it means to be an entrepreneur. The first step is to enter the world of “Hot Shot Business,” an Internet simulation game. Through carefully constructed scenarios, students gain experience with the nuts and bolts of designing and operating their own business—a skateboard factory, a comic book shop, a pet spa, a landscaping service, and a candy factory. Students are not alone in their venture. Business-savvy animated hosts, Kate and Jack, offer advice at every turn. As in real life, the decisions a kid makes about his or her business has consequences that extend far beyond profits and losses. There are environmental factors to reckon with (e.g., conserving water while operating a landscaping company), as well as finding ways to provide jobs for members of the community.

If the reaction from my own little man – at just 4 and a half – is anything to go by, then older kids should LOVE this site!  🙂