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Become a moviemaker with Zimmer Twins

The Zimmer Twins is a fun way to incorporate technology into the classroom. Watch your students expand their vocabulary, practice proper writing habits, and become junior movie producers all at the same time!   The Zimmer Twins website is a fun and positive environment where kids can safely explore and exercise their creative muscles.

On the Zimmer Twins website, your students can:

  • Watch a starter (a short animation that ends with a cliff-hanger).
  • Create their own ending to the story by writing dialog for the characters and putting scenes together.
  • Save their work on the website for other kids to watch, rate and comment on.
  • Watch and rate movies made by other kids.

My husband has been using the Zimmer Twins in his classroom this semester, and has been amazed at just how much the students enjoy the site.  They use it on the IWB as a whole class and also as an independent computer activity during literacy rotations.  After one week of using it in the classroom, students began creating movies in their own time, and bringing them in to show the class. 

The only drawbacks (and they’re not really big ones) are that the films are limited in length and can only be saved to an online account. The good news is that the online account is free!  What a great, motivating site!  Two thumbs up!!


Using Animation to Engage Students in Narratives

Leading up to NAPLAN testing, the narrative genre becomes a major focus – for obvious reasons!  To try and reach all students, this slideshow (made by Craig Snudden of NSW) can assist the teacher to engage even the most reluctant of writers by providing the links to many resources for using animation to engage students in narratives.

Perhaps one of the most valuable links within the slideshow is   The Teach Animation site is organised around three major themes:  projects, processes and pedagogies. As if these three areas of the site are not enough, the site also includes a links page that has an extremely comprehensive list of resources.