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Whilst working with teachers at my school recently, I noticed that several year levels are planning units of work that focus on dance.  Personally, I have admired dancers for many years …. but just don’t have the knowledge (or rhythm!) to teach a whole unit on it!  After consultation with my Twitter PLN (Personal Learning Network), I was directed to the Arts Alive website. The Arts Alive website: is a performing arts educational website produced by the National Arts Centre in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The goals of are:

  • To engage younger generations of Canadians in information, multimedia resources and activities pertaining to the performing arts, and
  • To provide free performing arts-related primary and secondary resources to students, parents and teachers to aid them in learning about and teaching the topics presented.

Not only is there a huge section on dance that includes teacher and student guides, video footage (and a heap of other things!), but there is also a fantastic tool that lets the students compile their own dance in the Virtual Dance Studio.

The Virtual Dance Studio allows the student to compose their own ballet or modern dance.  They put together sections of the dance through what they have learned throughout the site, and then select music bring it all together – so fun!

Very engaging for the students!  You could even take it a step further and have the students practice and perform their dances as part of a culminating activity.

Really, there is just too much wonderful content to mention individually.  Do yourself a favour and head over to the Arts Alive website and explore it for yourself!


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