Computer kids – Eat my Bytes!

For those beginners out there, I just wanted to share with you a fantastic site that has some basic information and ICT worksheets for you to work through with your students.  Computer Kids is an Australian site that has been created by Cheryl Hill of Lindfield East Public School in NSW.

With over 10 years experience in devising customised computer skills lessons, Cheryl is currently contracted at Lindfield East Public School in Sydney, where students engage in technology rich activities including movie-making, web design and digital animation (in addition to core skills, word processing, spreadsheets, multimedia & presentations and internet usage).


The site is very basic, and easy to navigate.  It has several sections that include a gallery, typing, teachers and an about section.

A great feature of the site is in the teachers section where there is a link to loads of free (.. and you know I love that word!!) ICT worksheets that range from care for equipment to how to use Microsoft Word.  The resources provided cater for most primary school students – with K-2 and 3-6 worksheet sections.  Below is an example of the worksheets provided (click to enlarge):

As well as the worksheets, the site also has some great touch typing links for you to use with your students.  If you have a lower school class, you may even like to join and take part in the ‘Tooth Tally Project’.

Overall, the site is great starting point to creating student ICT journals that the students can refer back to if they need help on how to complete a task that you have previously covered.  I have used the ICT worksheets in a student journal in the past with fantastic success!  Another bonus is that, if you have limited ICT resources in your classroom, you can have the students working on these activities whilst they rotate through the stations you may have set up for them.


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