Monster Sciences


Introducing Monster Sciences! 


Whilst wandering around the internet looking for some fun and effective ways to introduce scientific concepts to my class, I found the Monster Sciences website.  For someone like me (who is interested in science, but quite cautious when it comes to scientific experiments – in case I set the room on fire by accident!!), this site gives clear and easy to understand experiments that are then backed up with knowledge in the teacher’s notes.

Everything you find at Monster Sciences was written for teachers by a teacher who understands the challenges of teaching in today’s classroom.  All the experiments are printable, designed to be effective, fun, hands on and are FULLY EXPLAINED in complete Teacher’s Notes.  They use simple, every day items that can easily be brought from home – no fancy expensive equipment required!


From the creator of the site:

I’m a teacher and a scientist and I have a passion for teaching science to kids, even really young kids.  Science investigations are a fabulous way for kids to get their brains working – they need to use lots of thinking skills, including observation, logic, reasoning and comparison.  Hands on activities allow them to see the results for themselves, enabling them to construct their own understanding of the way the world works. All that and they are fun too!

There are many fantastic experiments to choose from:

This will definitely be a site I revisit regularly …. I am hoping it will bring out my inner scientist! 🙂


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