Typewith.me – Collaboration Document

Recently I attended a ‘Guru’ professional development where several of my fellow presenters and myself all got together to present our workshops to each other (as we always miss the other sessions due ourselves being the presenter!).  One that sparked my interest  was Typewith.me (thank-you Shane!).



Typewith.me is a great little online collaboration tool that better suits EQ policy as it does not require students to log in (like Google Docs does).  Typewith.me creates “public documents” with their own URLs to share with your class, staff or parents.  The text is synchronized in real time so everyone working on the document sees the exact same thing.   Different authors — up to 15 on one document —are assigned different colors, so you can see who’s contributing what.  You can import text from HTML, Word, or RTF formats, then export it as a Word file, PDF, and more. Plus, you can also access earlier drafts.


As with all great sites, there is a few small downfalls:

  • the collaboration document will ‘live’ on the net at the unique URL it automatically generates – you will need to highlight to students the importance of being selective when sharing information that may identify them
  • at times, the user can be ‘timed out’ and the info they see is not up-to-date – they just click and sign back in to receive the current feed though.

Overall, the site is an extremely easy collaboration tool, and most users should be able to use it without too much instruction.


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