Math Moves U!

MathMovesU is an innovative program designed to engage middle school students with math when their interest in the subject typically declines. Algebra, geometry, decimals, fractions & word problems combine with topics kids are passionate about; sports, music & fashion. MMU delivers math problems via games, polls and fun facts.

The first thing you need to do is create your avatar to work through the site.  With the popularity of creating avatars for all of the different gaming consoles out there, I’m sure this will be an area the students will have no problems with! 🙂  Registration is not required (yet offered) – which is great for use in an educational setting where students giving personal information is not prefered.  Depending on the context you use the site in, you may wish the students to join to keep track of their scores etc.  It’s nice to have a choice though! (You will need to educate the students on this, as they will be prompted to register when they complete a task such as the one below.)

 This short video gives you a quick snapshot of how the site works.

Overall, students in the middle years (and maybe even some in the upper years!) should find this a fun, engaging way to reinforce the concepts taught.



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