Blabberize – Bring your pictures to life!

Recently my son was given a DVD as a gift, and he wanted to send a thank you video to the person who gave him the DVD – but as the main character!  This sparked something in my memory, and I revisited a site that I used to use all the time in my classroom called Blabberize.  Blabberize is a fun presentation tool. Simply upload a picture and make it talk! Click on the image below to launch the site and the example Blabberize.

The site is very easy to use! There are many ways Blabberise could be used in the classroom – you just need to use your imagination!  Who could the students become?  What historical figure could they make talk?  What topic are you studying?  Could the students become a cloud or fish etc etc …. Please add a comment to share how you have used the site in your classroom 🙂

In the past, I have created one account for my class (so they do not have to give away any personal information – as per EQ policy!), and we have all worked in the same environment.  The other great reason to have one account is that you can have the students save their work in the account and you can log in and see what they have produced.  Easy!

Note:  Don’t forget to make sure all your students remember to tick ‘private’ when they save their work so their work does not go to the public Blabberize gallery.

Enjoy this fun, easy to use site.  Don’t forget to add your comments and share how you used the site.


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