Tag Galaxy – Visual Search Engine

My of my favourite tools ( … and yet one I have not yet blogged about!) is Tag Galaxy.  Tag Galaxy is a great flash application that uses Papervision3D with beautiful transition effects to explore Flickr photos via virtual planetary systems.



To use the Tag Galaxy, you enter a tag in the search box (see below) and related tags appear with beautiful planetary systems – Easy!



The site will search for all photos tagged in Flickr with the tag (topic) you have entered, and will then create a 3D ‘globe’ that you can grab with your mouse and spin – very cool!



Each picture can then be clicked once to enlarge it, and clicked again to view any further information attached to the photo.

I have used this site many, many times in my classroom!  Most recently, I was teaching my students about a particular art style and used Tag Galaxy to compile photos of that art style for us to view and compare.

As the photos are gathered from Flickr, and have not been moderated for educational use, I recommend using this site with caution on individual computers.  In my classroom, to be safe, I only ever use the site on the interactive whiteboard so I can have complete control over the images the students see (and can spin away from anything I feel is inappropriate!). 

After passing this site on to a friend recently, I am excited to see it being used in many ways – both in and out of the education sector.  See Gold Coast’s ABC Open Producer Solua Middleton’s blog entry here to see how she is thinking of using the site.  Thank you for the mention Solua!


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  2. Hi Lisa, I too have used Tag Galaxy with my class (admittedly after being introduced to it by you).

    I have used it as a wonderful launching point for our units of inquiry, the students (Year Three) were able to generate their own questions about different images for 45 minutes without losing interest.

    The only downfall I have come across however is the details that come up when you enlarge the images. I came across this issue when searching for ‘animals’ when showing my fellow staff members about the site. Whe I enlarged a nice picture of an monkey, it showed that the photo was taken by someone with the username – Sexecutioner. I assured them that this was a minimal chance of happening and selected another photo at random… same photographer.

    But otherwise, I believe this website is a marvelous tool!

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