KISS to download YouTube Videos

Have you ever wanted to use a You Tube video in the classroom, but perhaps don’t have internet connection …. or you’re connected at such a slow speed that you don’t have a spare 15 minutes to wait for the video to download?  😉  Then worry no more, as there is a very easy way to download your video – just think KISS!



By adding ‘kiss’ to the you tube address,, you will be taken to a site that gives you the following instructions to save your video:

Method 1
Whenever you are watching video on YouTube, go to your browser’s address bar and insert the word ‘kiss’ in front of the domain name and press ‘Enter’.

Example: (Video tutorial here)

Method 2

Copy the whole YouTube Video URL (Eg. and paste directly into ‘Enter YouTube Video URL’ field above [at ] and hit the ‘Get’ button.

Once you have followed these instuctions, you should get the following icons under a thumbnail picture of the video you want to download. 

Simply click on one of the icons to start your download – couldn’t be easier! 

Important:  Please remember that the files you download may be subject to copyright.  It is advised you seek the authors permission prior to download.  Some authors will have no issue giving permission, whilst others may be happy for you to download but request you delete the file after use. 


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  1. that is extremely useful! I was doing it another way but it was much more confusing! Thanks a lot. The other advantage of this is that the education server blocks students access to You Tube, so this way you could include a you tube video in a Glog or Blog and they will be able to watch it.

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