Writing Fun – Genre Study

Produced by Australian primary teacher, Jenny Eather, Writing Fun provides instructions, examples, tips, and text organisers to help students write various kinds of genres.

‘Writing Fun explains the types of text commonly written in schools with student examples
showing text structures, grammatical features and publishing ideas.’


Genres covered include reports, procedures, explanations, expositions (persuasion, point of view), discussions, narratives, recounts, descriptions, responses (inc. reviews) , poetry, letters, invitations, news items and emails.

Each genre includes at least six examples that can viewed with the organiser ‘off’ or ‘on’ allowing students to see how each section is developed.  Teachers can print templates for students to work on, or students are able to ‘write online’ directly onto a template – and then print their work.  Fantastic!

Overall, the site is simple, well designed and a valuable tool to add to your ‘teachers ICT toolkit’! 🙂


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  1. I have used this site in my prac teaching and I agree it’s excellent. The examples are really useful and it provides great scaffolding for the students.

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