Photofunia – Put yourself in the scene!

Photofunia is a fun site that students can visit to put themselves into the picture!  They can use the one photo and place themselves on a billboard, in a busy railway station, in an advertisement, or in many other photos.  Not only will the students have great fun seeing themselves in all these new locations, they will also learn about how to upload a file to an internet site. 

Below is an example of what can be achieved with minimum (if any!) skill:

Students can create their own photos just for fun (remember when we had time for that???), for inclusion into an assignment, to create interesting pictures to be used in a yearbook layout, or to create an avatar.  More advanced students completing a social action unit of work may even choose to create a poster or advertisement, and upload it to create an example of how their ideas might be displayed.  They key is to think outside the standard use of the site and see how you can ‘bend’ it for educational uses. 

As always, there is also a great opportunity to bring up internet safety and copyright issues.


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