Facebook in the Classroom – sort of!

With students interacting on social networking sites such as Facebook as part of their daily routine, it seems a logical step that teachers harness the power of these sites to help reluctant writers connect to genre writing in an innovative way.   Whilst visiting the ‘twittersphere’, I came across a fantastic tweet that I just had to share with you all 🙂   So simple, yet so effective!

As Suzanne Whitlow, of ‘Suzanne’s Blog‘ outlines:

Frank and Brad from my ITRT team are so clever.  While studying Generals from the Civil War, they decided that each General should have a facebook-like profile.  Now you know that the students can seriously relate to this!!!  Who would General Sherman’s friends be on a social network?  How clever.  Here is a screenshot of a blank project:  Click here for template in Pages. I also exported from Pages into Word for my PC PLN members!!! Click here for template in Word 

You could use this for any person you are studying, and if you think creatively, you could even write a profile for famous documents, elements from the periodic table, or a book character.  WOW!

What a great idea for use in the classroom full of supposed ‘digital natives’!  Hope you can find a way to use it in your classroom too.

Information provided here with permission from Suzanne 🙂

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