Eyeballing – How good are your eyes?

Just how good are your eyes?  Would you be able to find the exact centre of a circle?  Create a right angle?  Intersect an angle?  Eyeballing is a great (… and addictive!) site that will test your ability to do these tasks and more.

The Eyeballing site provides you with a number of short tasks that will reinforce not only mathematical language (such as parallelogram, convergence, intersection etc), but will test just how accurate your eye really is!  Think you can cheat?  The tasks are all timed, and that is taken into consideration before your overall score is calculated. 

Have a try – my lowest number was around a 3.  What was yours???


Posted on 01/05/10, in Mathematics. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Great link Lisa.
    The best I could get though was 5.05.
    You must have great eye’s.
    Thanks for the blog, it is awesome!

  2. juli@koobits

    my lowest was 0.0 for midpoint. yay!!

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