is a great site that one of my new ‘tweeps’ lead me to (Thank you!).  It’s a great site that allows for online comic strip creation.  Created by Bill Zimmerman, the site allows the user to not only create their own comic strip –  but they can create it in 7 different languages!!  The site supports English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Latin.  WOW!!

Below is a super fast example that I created:

With the easy to use, pictorial interface, students of just about all ages should have no problems being able to create their very own comic. 

Students can click on a face or 25 object icons to make one appear in the menu window.  They then use the red arrows to choose an emotion or object.  They then click on the face or object to move it into the comix panel.  Students can then add other characters, objects and talk or thought balloons.  Once they click on the speech areas, they can easily add their text. 

The great thing about this site is that when the comic is finished, the students can email it to 2 different people.  They could email it to themselves, and their teacher.  With no registration required, this site is quick and easy to use, and will allow even the most of reluctant writers to easily produce a great comic.



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