Math’s Clipart

Thinking about your semester one maths assessments?  Time to make up a written test for the students to demonstrate their understanding of what you have been teaching them all semester?  This fantastic, easy to use, site ‘ETC’ has some great clipart that you can use on your tests.  No more scanning pages in to crop out images, no more wasting time trying to recreate mathematical diagrams and measuring devices in publishing programs (oh boy, have I wasted hours in the past!!)  – the clipart you need is available at the click of the mouse!  Here are some examples of the types of pictures that are available:


When you select a picture, you can then save it in a small, medium or large size – very useful!  Note: the example pictures above are smaller than the small size.  You can either right click and ‘save picture as’, or just right click and ‘copy’ to paste the picture directly into your document. Easy!

The only issue with the site is that unfortunately it is American, and the money section is all in American currency.  Apart from that, it looks like it is going to save me a HUGE amount of time making my maths assessments from now on! 🙂

I recommend you look at the rest of the site as well.  There are lots of other categories to look at, but probably the science area is the other most useful area.  The main site can can be viewed here.


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