Move over wordle … Tagxedo is here!

As you may have noticed I am quite a fan of the wordle site, and the ways of which it can be incorporated into the classroom. Recently, I was contacted by the creator of another word cloud site to trial their version. The site is called Tagxedo, and whilst similar to Wordle in some aspects, it takes word clouds to a whole new level.

With Tagxedo, the creator can now select a shape or word to help form the word cloud. You can even upload your own images for full customisation. The possibilities for use in the classroom just tripled!!! I am so excited with what can be created now. Below are just a few examples of what can be created for use in your classrooms:

Why does Tagxedo stand out:

  • Highly interactive (no server round-trip)
  • Fast cloud generation time
  • No registration required
  • Custom shapes
  • Image as shapes
  • Words as shapes
  • Powerful layout engine (very nice shape hugging)
  • Lots of fonts
  • Accepting user-uploaded fonts
  • Save to image files (Png or Jpeg)
  • History view (see all “versions” and pick the one you like)

Below is a classroom display I made for my husbands year 6 classroom this morning that incorporated 3 fantastic resources (all listed in this blog!):  Tagxedo, Block Posters, Punched Out Font.  Quite effective so far!

As always, please add comments on how you used Tagxedo in your classroom so we can share our ideas and work smarter – not harder!


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