Primary Games Arena – Full of fun resources!

Thank you to John who commented on my ABCya! post for leading me to this fun-filled site called the Primary Games Arena.  According to their site:

Primary Games Arena is the largest resource of Primary School games in the universe. Webmasters and developers can enjoy the use of our API which allows them to register games & feed scores from their games straight onto Primary Games Arena! Kids have full national curriculum game coverage. Please be eSafe on this website and never give your real name.”

Covering most subjects, there really does seem to be a game for everything.  After wandering around the site, I am very impressed with the resources that have been sourced and organised. 

The ability to locate resources through both subject and year level is very useful, and I also like the side bar that includes ‘today’s top games’ for you to see what is popular.  There are some advertisements, but they are appropriate for the audience and are clear to see that they are ads (so as not to be confusing for younger students).

One issue I have with the site is that only some resources open within the primary games arena page (ie their banner and navigation remaining at the top of the page).  Unfortunately, some of the resources take the user away from the main site.  Whilst this will not be a problem with upper school students, it does limit its use for lower school students.  Of course, there’s always a way around everything …… if the teacher uses the primary games arena to source the games they require, they can always just link directly to that game in a virtual classroom or class website. It seems a shame though.

 Overall, a very useful site that will be a great resource to use in the classroom!  Thanks again John 🙂


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  1. Great web site. Thanks for sharing.

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