Build Your Wild Self!

This fun site, Build your Wild Self, allows you to create a picture of your self ….. if you had gone wild!  Before you get too excited, we’re not talking about THAT kind of wild 😛

This site, by the New York Zoos and Aquariums, allows you to create a version of yourself with wild animal body parts.  You could have the ears of an African Elephant, the tail of a leopard, the wings of a butterfly etc etc.  Here is an example that my four year old created (of himself):

My little man had great fun being in-charge of his ‘wild self’, and questioned me about every animal part that he selected (quite the work out for mummy!).  It struck me that this would also be great to incorporate into the classroom.  You could:

  • Create characters to include in narratives
  • Create a class display board eg:  ‘Year 1M – Where the wild things are!’
  • Make characters and stick them onto paddle pop sticks to make puppets for students to create stories with (great for improving oral literacy!)
  • Students can use their ‘wild self’ picture to create all sorts of identifying things in the classroom (eg. book labels, chair tags, job chart characters etc)

When you finish creating your ‘ wild self’, the site gives you a name based on your selections, and a brief description how each of the animal parts will help you. 

Great fun for kids of all ages!


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