Amazing Web 2.0 Projects

In Queensland (Australia), many teachers are striving to achieve ( …. or at least thinking about achieving!!) their Digital Pedagogy Licence.  The Digital Pedagogy Licence asks you to articulate your values and beliefs about how today’s students learn, and how you can cater to their needs as digital age learners.  To gain accreditation, you need to illustrate, through samples of your unit/program planning and student work, that you understand how contemporary education looks and feels in a connected and collaborative setting. 

Though I have already completed my digital licence, I know of many teachers who are struggling to begin theirs – as they feel they don’t have a good enough unit/program to submit.  Whilst strolling around the net (as you do!), I came across a fantastic resource created by Terry Freeman called ‘Amazing Web 2.0 Projects’.

This FREE downloadable PDF document is a compilation of 87 web 2.0 projects that were submitted by teachers from all over the world.  Each project is clearly layed out, and works to a standard template that outlines:

  • What the project was
  • the author
  • a description
  • project URL or screenshot
  • recommendations
  • reactions and outcomes

The easy to use resource covers everything from wikis, blogs, to digital storytelling and podcasting.  Teachers are sure to be inspired by at least one of the projects in this book.  

Happy exploring!


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