3D Shapes

After many years of creating 3D shapes, you are probably just as eager as me to find a new ‘spin’ on creating a 3D shape from a net.  How about creating a 3D shape that actually has a purpose? For something different, why not have the students create a dodecahedron that is also a 12-month desk calendar?  Once printed, they can decorate and then assemble their dodecahedron to give as a gift…. I’ll bet mum or dad would like that one!  😉 


For some other calendars, look at the Teacher Resources Online for some other 3D nets.

Another great idea that I came across for working with 3D shapes was 3D Shape Comics.  Lots of ‘good stuff’ included in this activity – 3D shapes and their attributes, questioning,  desktop publishing … etc etc.  Looks like a fun way to represent information!  Most classes are now armed with a digital camera, so why not give it a go?

Want something more traditional?  Head to the SEN Teacher’s site for 11 3D nets to be printed and assembled.  (Whilst you’re there, have a look around – there are loads of other really helpful resources too!).


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