SparkleBox – Classroom Printables

Then make your own decision about this site.  **


Though I am sure many of you have probably come across this great site previously, I thought I would mention it again – just in case you hadn’t!!  🙂 

SparkleBox is an excellent site that provides high-quality downloadable resources to enhance your teaching, classroom displays and school environment.  All of the resources can be downloaded completely FREE (…don’t all teachers just LOVE that word!)!

Initially there were only resources for the UK’s  ‘Foundation’ and ‘KS1’ stages, but the site has been further developed recently to include resources for ‘KS2’ as well. 

An example of the resources available (KS2) are:

Take the time to have a look around.  There are literally thousands of resources to save you time!


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  1. Hmm, not so sure about Sparklebox. Seen this?

    • Thank you for bringing this to my attention. How shocking that such a site could have such a ‘backstory’! I had considered removing the post, but then felt it should remain as a reminder to all of us to always be vigilant about how we use the internet, and what information we ‘give away’. I have ammended the post to include some similar sites that you may find similar resources. Thanks again!

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