Block Posters – Classroom Displays

Starting a new unit of work?  Want to engage the students straight away? Then consider the block posters website to help you out.  I first came across software such as this many years ago on a lifestyle program on pay tv (of all places) on a home makeover show.  They used a similar program to create a brilliant wall display where a picture of Yankee stadium was enlarged and each A4 sheet was put in a different frame – the frames then hung about a cm apart.  The result was stunning!  From then, I have always used the software to create displays in my classrooms. 

What the software does is basically enlarges any image you upload to whatever number of A4 pages you select.  You then generate a PDF document to print out and piece together like a puzzle. Simple – yet so effective!

Why not think a little outside the box about what you could use the site for in the classroom.  Some ideas I have done include:

  • Blow up an image to have as a background to a wonderings wall
  • Choose and image of the class to print out and stick on windows where you need to block light or view (ie. the teacher offices at my school)
  • Use an image of a mind map (eg. done in Kidspiration) to display in the classroom
  • Create an image of a blank mind map (with colourful blobs etc.) to hang and fill out later
  • Create a huge poster to be labeled as you progress through your unit (eg. picture of human skeleton)
  • Upload a BLM and hang to work on as a whole class
  • Create banners for special events such as sports days
  • Use the software to create backgrounds for school plays

The list goes on and on….

If you think of any new ways to use this software, please include them in the comments section so we can all share!


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  1. I did a quick slideshow tutorial on using blockposters for classroom displays that might be useful :

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