Insect Wonderland – Some sites to get you started!

Probably one of the most popular topics covered in the junior school is Insects. Below is a list of insect sites I have found on the internet for those of you who may have this unit coming up (… especially as validation time looms nearer 🙂  )  This list is by no means indicative of what is available, but merely a way to help get you started.  Hope you find something useful!
An Australian site about insects.  The site includes lots of information and fact sheets, as well as a fun for kids section.
A collection of free powerpoint presentations all about insects.
Interactive insect workshops for all ages.  There is a great ‘extras for teachers’ section that has a fantastic list of resources to visit.
A site full of free printable flashcards, worksheets and games.  Meant for ESL students, but great for all!
Going Buggy!  Facts and fun about insects from Scholastic.
Sci4Kids is a collection of bug related ‘stories’.  Worth a look.
A great site with lots of information on a variety of insects and bugs.  A good resource to ‘pull’ information from.
This insect world website has an online game with resources below.  The game takes a little while to load, so be patient! 🙂
A great collection of resources!
This page has a fantastic collection of insect arts and crafts that you could do with your class and hang around the classroom.  Well worth a look!
The lessons on this site have three sections:  teacher preparation (set-up and materials), the actual lesson plans, and additions (extensions, vocabulary, and a bibliography). The lessons also contain direct links to pertinent activity, information, and rearing sheets.
Katerpillars and mystery bugs is a great site that has sections on bug food for you to make, teacher and parents resources, and a bug fun section.


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