Sumo Paint

Sumo Paint is an online image editing application that offers an interactive platform to image enthusiasts to play with images. It serves as an expressive outlet where individuals can utilize their creativity in producing stunning images. The application is rich in a number of handy features that help users in creating and editing images magnificently. With its whole bunch of useful tools, the website looks after almost every aspect in creating, editing and commenting images online. Whether it’s about creating impressive shapes, eye-catchy text, adding hues, mixing colors, or anything, the website proves to be praiseworthy in all such facets related with creating astonishing images.

For an art lesson with a difference, why not view and work through the tutorials provided to see what astonishing beautiful pieces of work you and your students can create.  The tool is free to use, but you can also register to enable you to save and view your files from anywhere in the world.  I would recommend you encourage students to register so they can access their files and continue working on them from home. 

Time to start budgeting some extra colour printing for the masterpieces you will surely have heading your way!! :o)


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